DIY Pumpkin Drink Dispenser

Friday night my sister-in-law and I threw a little Halloween bash.  To hold our homemade root beer we made a drink dispenser out of a pumpkin!

And I learned a thing or two about dried ice.  Most importantly, you can’t buy it a week in advance!  Haha!

To make one, all you need is a pumpkin, a carving tool, and a plastic spigot.  First off, gut your pumpkin.  Once you’ve scraped it nice and clean, trace the end of the spigot onto the pumpkin and cut it out.  Stick the spigot in and secure it with the washer and jam nut.

Fill it with your favorite drink and party!


  1. Agnes says

    You must be extremely careful when ingesting food that had been treated with dry ice! I have read an article about person needing an emergency gastrectomy after ingesting a drink make with liquid nitrogen. Yes LN is different than dry ice, but still caution should be taken with these sorts of things!

    • says

      Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide. It is used primarily as a cooling agent. Its advantages include lower temperature than that of water ice and not leaving any residue (other than incidental frost from moisture in the atmosphere). It is useful for preserving frozen foods, ice cream, etc., where mechanical cooling is unavailable.

      It’s also made of the same gas as the bubbles in your carbonated sodas.

      Don’t drink liquid Nitrogen, that makes you stupid.

      Just don’t touch the dry ice with your skin and you’ll be fine.

    • Richard says

      People have been seriously and even fatally injured, but only when they accidentally ingest a piece of the dry ice. It instantly destroys any flesh it contacts. You’d definitely want to install a mesh to keep chips of dry ice from coming out of the spout. Chemically dry ice is harmless.

      • Julia says

        You could easily prevent anyone ingesting it by putting the dry ice inside of a magarine container floating on the surface of your drink. a little bit of water and, voila! safe and spoooooky!

    • says

      Yes, after you’ve mixed the ingredients for the homemade root beer you place the dry ice in. Are you referring to a drink other than homemade root beer? I’ve never seen it used with another drink, but I suppose it could be done!

    • Elizabeth M. says

      You could also freeze some of the drink in a large container like a punch ring and then you don’t have to buy dry ice and it won’t water down your drink as it melts.

  2. Gayle says

    You can also coat the inside of the pumpkin with parrafin for those of you who are concerned about the pumpkin flavoring your drink. This is a really cool idea!

  3. Susan says

    just a suggestion … put a smaller bowl on top of the liquid that is to be drank and fill with dry ice instead of putting dry ice in the drink… safer that way and you get the same results.. .. Just my opinion..

  4. Brenda (Halloween Queen) says

    We’ve done it for the last few years with apple cider (not juice) and the mixed pumpkin flavor added to it is really great! We generally just use a soup ladle & spoon it out, but the spigot will be even better – thanks! BTW you can scrape the outside skin to pretend you’re artistic, too! (like this: Just be careful to do it lightly. Spigot will have to be placed to the back side of the pumpkin for us. :)

    Another thing that is a MUST is to add the NON-TOXIC (read the label & be safe – you heard it here 1st) glow sticks — which most are, anymore — directly into the drink mix inside the pumpkin, (like this: so that it’s not only ‘smokin’ from dry ice, but it’s also ‘glowin’ and makes the carving look eerie and more dimensional! This works for both kid’s drinks and adult choices – and SO FUN! Hint- You’re gonna’ need a video camera & music for this, folks……….! :D

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