Fall Fever : 31 Days of Fun Fall Activities

I was in the process of making a list of things I wanted to do this Fall when I came across The Nester’s 31 Day Challenge to create a series by writing about a specific topic each day in October.  So, I decided to take my list and join the challenge!  Today, I bring you the first day of Fall Fever.

Day 1: Make a bucket list of Fall Activities  The best way to start things off is to make a list of things you want to do!  Here’s mine (in no particular order):

And there you have the agenda for 31 Days of Fall Fever!  For the next month I’ll be posting our adventures as we check things off our bucket list.  What are your must do activities this season?  Please share in the comments below!


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    Hi there! Followed your link from Nester. Our fall is so booked up with cubscouts and soccer that if I am lucky we will have a day to pick pumpkins and sip hot cider. That said, my son’s birthday is the 31st, so the party will pretty much book up that last October weekend too. Of course, looking at the bright side, I will be doing leaf rubbings with my scouts and I can always take cider to the games, lol. cheers!

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      That’s the spirit, just bring a little Fall into your scouts and soccer! Leaf rubbings sound fun, I haven’t done that in a long time. Thanks for stopping by Shannon!

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    Found this link on Pinterest and must say, I am totally impressed with your list! So many of those I would love to do too. Have fun this October!

    Our must do activity is to carve a pumpkin (or 3). It has gotten easier over the last couple of years, as my son is 11 and wants to do it all himself. I buy the not-so-dangerous carving tool set and let him at it. They are always fun! =)

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    i love all these ideas! Suggestion though…instead of painting your nails try Jamberry nail wraps! You’ll love them as they last a long time…like up to two weeks…and they come in a ton of great designs including fall designs like leaves, pumpkins, candy corn, etc…or Halloween designs like jack o lanterns, witches, graveyard scenes, glow in the dark ghosts and mummies! Contact me with any questions or if you’d like a free sample! :) I am definitely going to try your suggestions with the pumpkin carvings! Thanks!

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