How to Remove Food Stains from Dishes

Get rid of food stains in dishes by soaking them in a solution of water and bleach.

How to Remove Food Stains from DishesThis pretty little bowl got stained months ago after I left it dirty, in the sink – overnight. I quickly began scrubbing it the next morning when the stain was discovered, as if the stain might not already be set. It of course was however, and no amount of angry scrubbing could undo it. The damage was done. My pretty little bowl looked dirty when actually clean.How to Remove food stains from dishes

Fast forward a few months, many months and the stain is still there. This time though, instead of washing with water and soap, I filled it up with water, added a few tablespoons of bleach and let it soak.

remove food stains

Voila. Stain vanished within an hour.

Food stains gone!And my pretty little bowl is pretty again.


  1. Janet Urquhart says

    I have used bleach and still do from time to time. However, I have discovered another great way to clean out stains in my travel mugs, tea cups and other hard to remove stains from dishwares etc.
    I have been using denture tablets. I fill my mug with hot water, drop in a tablet and let sit overnight. It is amazing. Just clean with a bottle brush, rinse an go.

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