i-know-where-it-goes drawer stickers

Drawer Organizer Stickersi-know-where-it-goes drawer stickers are vinyl silhouette labels, designed to help keep clothes in their proper place! While we don’t use them on “drawers”, they have worked wonders for keeping Jayna’s hanging closet bins organized! I can’t say enough good things about them. I pinned them a year ago and when I finally got around to ordering them, the gals who make them contacted me to see if I would review them here. I said, “I’d love to!” While the following opinions are my own, this post is brought to you and is sponsored by Crafterhours!

Help kids keep their clothes organized with i-know-where-it-goes drawer stickers!Price

So first of all, when it comes to things like this, I am totally a DIYer. Crafterhours’ blog even has a tutorial for them. But sometimes, it’s just worth it to pay for an item. When I saw that these labels were only 5 bucks, I decided to forgo making them myself. The price is right people!

i-know-where-it-goes drawer stickersFunction

The silhouette shaped stickers are perfect for my preschooler who can’t yet read and they fit right in with my simple style! I think it would be great if the names of the clothing items were also available as labels to stick alongside the symbols. I am always looking for ways to make her environment print rich. Regardless of that though, they keep us organized. Notice I said, “us”! While I like to put the responsibility of putting her clothes away on her, I still end up doing it at times. And without a designated spot for things, her closet bins end up all jumbled and it’s difficult to find what we are looking for.

i-know-where-it-goes Drawer Stickers - only $5.00!The i-know-where-it-goes drawer stickers save us time by keeping us organized. Plus they are cute and very affordable! They come in 18 different colors and several boy/girl options (big girl, girl, girl w/long sleeves, boy, and boy w/long sleeves) are available. Go check them out! It will be the best 5 bucks you spend all month!

i-know-where-it-goes drawer stickersGiveaway

If you’re following the Spring Cleaning Challenge, you know that Crafterhours is giving away 5 sets of i-know-where-it-goes drawer stickers! So go enter! All you have to do is type your name in along with a valid email address (so we can contact you when you win)!


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    Thanks for sharing, Kim! Now I’m pondering a product name change. :) I love your daughter’s enthusiasm and envy your closets! :)

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