The Swing Swaddle | A Review and Giveaway!!

Swing Swaddle for when all the bucket seats are taken at the park!I’ve got a cool new baby product to show you all today! It’s called the Swing Swaddle. And I love it. If you have little ones, you know bucket swings are highly sought after at the park. Watch them like a hawk or you’ll miss your opportunity, right?! Or worse, there are no bucket swings and you’re stuck swinging with your baby or toddler on your lap, because undoubtedly they want to swing! This is where the Swing Swaddle comes into play.

The Swing Swaddle - For all those times the bucket seats are taken at the park!The Swing Swaddle is an adjustable safety harness that clips right onto a normal swing, making it possible for your small child to swing safely! It is easily and quickly set up by clipping the hooks at equal heights on one side, pulling the swaddle underneath the swing seat, and clipping the remaining hooks on the other side.

The Swing SwaddleThe strap that goes underneath the swing seat is made of elastic, so it stretches to accommodate children of different sizes.

The Swing SwaddleAdditionally, there are waist clips on both sides that are also adjustable. As you can see, my little Cal is snug as a bug. I feel completely at ease about his safety while he’s in the Swing Swaddle.

The Swing SwaddleAnd he quite enjoys it! We’ve used this multiple times at both the park as well as on the swings outside our condo (especially convenient because there are no bucket swings!) and I have found that the Swing Swaddle fits differently on different swings. The park swings are wider than the condo ones and the fit seems to be a bit better for my little guy. On the condo swings, the swaddle hits him a little closer to his chin which seems a bit too high. If the hooks were just a little bit bigger, I would be able to clip them on the larger chain link, making it a perfect fit! So, that’s my only qualm with this product-the size of the hooks.

The Swing Swaddle - Convenient enough to pack everywhere!It is well made, cute, and functional! It conveniently folds up and fits right inside my big ‘ol diaper bag, leaving lots of room for other essentials. In fact, that’s where I store it! That way we have it for any impromptu park stops!

You can purchase the Swing Swaddle onlineĀ for $45.00. It may seem a bit steep, but in my opinion it’s totally worth it! Ours gets used several times a week! There are currently 6 different designs available, with more on the way.

So who wants one??! Someone’s gonna get one for FREE and it might as well be you! Enter the giveaway below.

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