Fall Fever : Read Halloween Themed Books by Flashlight

Read Halloween Themed Books by Flashlight


For the past few weeks, we’ve been scouring the shelves of the library for fun Halloween books. Today we read a few of them by flashlight.  But no ordinary flashlight, mind you.  We transformed Daddio’s maglite into The Jack-O-Light.

It added a fright factor that’s just not present with a normal flashlight.

Okay, so the nose didn’t really work out as I had imagined.  It’s looks a little piggyish, don’t ya think?  But in a spooky kinda way.

This may just become part of our nightly routine.  Big hit with the Jayna girl.

The Jack-O-Light’s filter was made using my Silhouette machine.  First I measured the diameter of the top of the flashlight, then made a circle that same size.  I filled it using build a jack-o-lantern : eyes, noses, and mouths and then cut it out of black construction paper.  It fit the flashlight snugly, no adhesive needed!

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