Tip: How to Clean a Shower Head

Can you believe the difference!? It looks brand new again. And all the little holes spray water now too!
To clean your shower head, pour distilled white vinegar in a plastic baggy and secure it to the shower head with a rubber band. Let it soak for 1 hour. Wipe clean with a wet cloth. Easy fix for a clogged shower head!
Afterwards, I dabbed a rag into the bag of vinegar and shined up the fixtures.


    • Wendi says

      Yes…and you can scrub it with an old toothbrush etc. when you actually pull it down. You can clean inside the pipe, clean the washer and so forth… that is actually where you may find most of the gunk. :-P. works much better…. but I think you knew that!!! I often add some baking soda for a bit of grittiness when cleaning with vinegar, it helps with mineral build-up and such. (kinda like Comet ~ but non-toxic.) If you are needing to “bleach” the sink, tile or grout while you’re at it… use hydrogen peroxide with baking soda…great on teeth as well!!!

  1. Anonymous says

    This really works and spray on you plastic shower curtain get rid of soap scum and hard water build up..(the black stuff too.)

  2. says

    Just saw this on Pinterest and will try it tonight! My shower head is desperate for a decent cleaning.

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  3. Anonymous says

    I never thought of the baggie, but my shower head comes off pretty easily, so I soak it in a bowl of white vinegar, usually overnight, and it works great!

  4. daunserly says

    Don’t forget the wonders of baking soda and vinegar together! Clear a clogged drain and make it smell fresh, take off tarnish or scale, de-grease laundry, clean the rangetop, and on and on! Cheap and non toxic!

  5. says

    I tried this, along with mixing vinegar and baking soda, and neither worked. The shower head was submerged in the vinegar or vinegar/baking soda solution over night, and it didn’t clean my shower head): I was so upset.

  6. Anonymous says

    This is not a ‘new idea’. I’ve been doing this for years, after getting it from Heloise’s Hints.

    • Jill says

      I had trouble getting a good sized rubber band around my house so I used a clip I use for snakc bags & that worked at holding the bag on.

  7. Anonymous says

    I found a solution to soap scum and other crummy messes that I use regularly in my sinks and bathtub; just mix white vinegar with a few drops of lemon juice!

  8. Anonymous says

    i found you from organizing homelife.com… blog . and im so grateful for all of the tips and learning i am able to get !!! thanks ladies so so much .

  9. Karen says

    When I get home am going to try this we bought an older home and my shower heads need this am also going to try the Tarter mixture on my appliance Thanks for sharing.

  10. Soraya says

    I use salt & vinegar to clean all stainless steel cutlery. Boil water ,then add 1 tbs of salt & 1/4 cup vinegar. Let cutlery or any stainless steel items sit for 10 min. remove & wash and you will see them sparkle.

  11. Cindy says

    I just tried this and it works, but the best “side affect” is that my puppy hates the smell so now he won’t go into the bathroom while I am cleaning it!

    • Wendi says

      How about removing the nozzle, take it apart, soak…scrub and return. It really is more thorough, you can get at it with a toothbrush or whatever your favorite cleaning tools are!!! Also add some baking soda to the vinegar, once it stops foaming it should do a pretty nice job for you. ♡Wend

  12. Susu says

    I just wanted to note that there is a FAR simpler way! This works well for older style shower heads, but look closely at the holes. See how they kinda look like little rubber udders? There is a reason and a purpose for them. Whenever you’re showering and look up to find a clogged hole, or one that seems to be WAY off on its aim, use your finger to press on the udder and wiggle it a bit. This works loose any clogs and you’re good to go!! A few minutes reduced down to a second. Gotta love modern technology! :D

  13. Mimi says

    I tried this and the vinegar ruined the finish on my faucets. Every time I look at them I am sickened. Don’t use vinegar for this purpose.


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