Tip: How to Unclog a Hair Filled Bathtub Drain

how to unclog bathtub drain

You’d never know by the looks of it that I am continually losing hair in the shower, but apparently I am.  So much so that it plugs up our bathtub drain every 6 months.  Not an uncommon problem, eh?  Drano to the rescue…almost!

Right before opening the bottle, Aaron decided to take a plunger to the drain and voila.  It worked!  We saved ourselves 4 bucks, which mind you, is a lot when you are on a tight budget! I took the Drano back and bought goat cheese, which turned out to be a waste anyways because I forgot to refrigerate it.  Ugh, so I’m out the 4 dollars.  But that’s not my point!  My point is that a few hefty blows to the drain dislodged the wad of hair that had been plugging it up for longer than I care to share.  That’s all it took folks.


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