Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Cleaning Routines (Printable Versions)

Back to reality today.  My house is a complete disaster!

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Cleaning Routines Printable

I left a sink full of dishes, laundry on the couches, and an unmade bed (to name a few things) when we left for Maui.  Because I really hate coming home to this kind of mess, I had every intention of leaving each room spic and span.  Needless to say, it didn’t happen! So I will be spending my day unpacking and getting everything in order.

I am going to try to get back on my daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning routines I posted about last month.  And if you are interested, I made a printer friendly version of each as well as printable blank lists if you would like to personalize them to fit your needs.  Just follow the links below! (via freepdfhosting.com)

Daily & Weekly


Blank Daily and Weekly

Blank Monthly

Print them out and post them on your fridge or in your planner. Wherever makes sense to you!

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