Cleaning Tip: How to Remove Grease from Kitchen Appliances

See how I use a magic eraser to clean those greasy splatters off of appliances.

Remove Grease Buildup on Appliances

Then buff with a microfiber cloth.
I am positively pleased with the results of the Magic Eraser.  It is magic indeed.  I had tried several things to get those splatters off, including Dawn dish washing liquid, vinegar, baking soda, and even rubbing alcohol.  None of them did the job.  Well, the rubbing alcohol came close.  It worked but required too much scrubbing effort.
Thanks to several of you, my dear readers, I tried the Magic Eraser.  I am floored by how well it worked!! After getting it wet, I started scrubbing and voila!
The grease disappeared. I then used a microfiber cloth to wipe clean and now my oven top and microwave are sparkling.
I will be on the lookout for other things to take that eraser to.  Have you had success with this product?  I would love to hear what it has cleaned for you.

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