Eliminate Unnecessary Dishes by Assigning Coasters

DIY Painted Coasters

a personalized coaster for each member of the family
 LESS dishes & happier dishwashers

Okay all you parents with lots of kiddos.  Be honest!  How many cups do you go through a day?  How about those of you with 1 or 2 kids?  And the childless?  If you answered more than one per person, you should consider implementing this idea!  Even I, grown-up and all, sometimes catch myself going through multiple cups a day.  So I know this will be helpful for a lot of you and especially for those with large families!
I saw the idea here and went with stick figures instead of names.  Jayna doesn’t have one yet as she mostly uses a sippy that we keep in the fridge.



So, one for the Mr. and one for the Mrs.


I purchased these blank coasters at Bed Bath and Beyond.  They came in a package of 8 for about $8.00.



I used contact paper and cut the stick figures out using my Silhouette machine, then painted them with acrylic paint.  But you definitely don’t need a cutting machine.  You could let the kids get creative and design there own or simply purchase coasters with designs already on them.  As long as everyone knows which one is theirs, it doesn’t really matter what is on them!

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