A Look at Bar Keepers Friend (General Purpose Cleaner)

Bar Keepers Friend - General Purpose Cleaner

I’d been meaning to look into this Bar Keepers Friend stuff ever since Anonymous commented back in June on my post about cleaning my stainless steel toaster with Cream of Tartar. Several other people subsequently commented about this household cleanser I had never heard of, but I never got around to trying it out. When yet another person raved about it a few weeks ago, I decided it was time to do some discovering.

I purchased the powder formula at Walmart for a few bucks and first tried it out on our shower floor. It worked wonders! I’m embarrassed to admit that it hadn’t been cleaned since we moved in – nearly 3 months ago.  But the impossible to clean textured surface became possible with a little scrubbing and just a few minutes. I only wish I would have tried Bar Keepers Friend out sooner. It is my new go to cleanser for the bathroom.

And I of course had to try it out on our stainless steel toaster. Granted it wasn’t as grimy as earlier this year when I cleaned it with Cream of Tartar, but it had some smudges.

It cleaned up great with Bar Keepers Friend and is nice and shiny again. Easier than the Cream of Tartar method and cheaper too, I think I will be switching to this cleanser for all our stainless steel!


Have you used this product before? I’m so surprised that I hadn’t heard of it before, it’s been around since 1882! Their slogan “ONCE TRIED, ALWAYS USED” is going to ring true for me!

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