While cleaning out and organizing my closet last week, I decided to fold all of my cardigans and hang them.  That way, the next time I wear one I won’t look like I have horns growing out of my shoulders! You know the annoying hanger marks I’m referring to?  Folding the garment before hanging is the solution to this problem!
This is the method I learned while slaving away at the dry cleaners during college.
If your sweater has buttons, do them up (every other one if there are a lot).
Lay the sweater flat with side seams matching up, front side down.
To prevent wrinkles, place a piece of tissue paper (cut to size) on sweater.
Fold over one sleeve so that there are 1-2 inches between the fold and the collar.
Then fold the sleeve against itself so that it’s edge lines up parallel to the fold.
Do the same with the other sleeve.
Place the bottom of the hanger near the edge of the bottom of the sweater and lift up on the
sweater, sliding the hanger on…
until it’s in the middle.  And you are done!
Hang it up and admire your new found folding skills!

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