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Wreaths are a popular choice when you want to bring a bit of fall decorating to your front door. You can even opt for natural elements to create a gorgeous wreath. An option like a wheat wreath can help turn out beautifully!

Thank goodness for creative wreath makers because I am not one of them!  I fell in love with The Wheat Wreath Nike made over at Thrive and decided to give it a shot.

What Does a Wheat Wreath Symbolize?

Aside from just looking great, there is some symbolism connected to wheat wreaths, in particular. Generally, they’re signs of welcome as well as signs of both bounty and generosity

What You’ll Need to Make a Wheat Wreath:

  • A few wheat bundles
    • How much wheat you’ll need will depend on the size of the wreath you build and the pattern you create
  • Cardboard box
  • Scrap fabric
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Scissors
  • Hook or another method to hang your wreath on your door

I followed her tutorial except for gleaning the wheat.  I purchased it instead and as a result, mine is The WheatBurst Wreath instead of The Wheat Wreath.  I guess it’s the price I pay for being too chicken to glean.

How to Make a Wheat Wreath Step-by-Step

Step 1: Create Your Wreath Form with Cardboard

To start your wheat wreath, you’ll need to create the frame you’ll build the wreath on. For this step, you’ll need your cardboard box and your scissors. Start by drawing a wreath form on your cardboard box – a circle frame is enough but you’ll want to make sure you leave enough space to add your wheat, so don’t make the frame too narrow.

From there, cut it out and use your hot glue gun to add scrap fabric to cover the cardboard. Any fabric will do but a neutral tan or brown won’t show any accidental gaps in the wheat application as easily as a darker fabric.

Step 2: Start Adding Wheat to Your Wreath

Once you have your form covered with fabric, it’s time to grab your wheat bundles. You can start attaching these to your wreath form. To do this, simply use your hot glue gun to fix your wheat into place.

The exact pattern you add your wheat in is up to you. An easy pattern to start with is a simple circle of wheat. From there, you can add additional decorative elements such as new layers of wheat in different colors or any other decorative items you might want to add. Once again, the hot glue gun will be an asset here.

Step 3: Hang Up Your Wheat Wreath!

When you’re done putting your wheat in place, you’ll want to start by giving your wheat time to dry where it was hot glued into place. From there, you’re ready to hang up your wheat wreath on your front door for everyone to see. Options like a hook or a nail to hang a loop of twine on can help keep your wheat wreath securely in place.

How to Make a Rope Wreath

Step 1: Make a Wreath Form

If you don’t already have a wreath form, you can make one with a pool noodle for this wreath! To create this lightweight option, you’ll want to glue the ends of the pool noodle together to create a wreath shape.

Since pool noodles are usually bright colors, it’s a good idea to paint this form a neutral color like white.

Step 2: Wrap the Wreath

Once the paint dries, you can start wrapping the wreath by simply looping the rope around the pool noodle until it’s completely covered. Make sure to glue the rope in place as you go so it stays. If you want an inexpensive, strong, lightweight, and easy to handle rope, learn about Paracord Galaxy.

How to Make a Foam-Based Wreath

Step 1: Grab a Foam Form and Start Decorating!

This is a great way to make beautiful wreaths without as much work on your end. You can find foam forms at almost any craft store.

Once you have your foam form, you can decorate it as you please! You can use the rope method we looked at above, use a floral pin to add some beautiful flowers, or even hot glue decorations like bows or a burlap ribbon to personalize your wreath.

How to Make a Wire Frame Wreath

Step 1: Gather Your Wire Frame and Decorations

A wire frame, like a foam frame, is available in most craft stores you might visit. One of the easiest ways to decorate these forms is to use items like branches and flowers. This makes them especially popular for Christmas wreaths with sprigs of pine and mistletoe.

Step 2: Start Weaving Your Decorations Through the Frame

The easiest way to start decorating a wire frame is to start weaving your branches and flowers, through the frame. Of course, it isn’t all left to your ability to pack these decorations tight enough that they can’t move. You can use some decor wire – shortened to your needs with wire cutters – to keep these decorations in place.

Common FAQs

How Do You Preserve Wheat Stems?

If you want to use your own wheat stems, start by drying them. To do this, take some of your wheat and tie it into bundles with a small rubber band.

Once you have these sprigs of wheat, hang them upside down somewhere inside. The environment should be cool, dark, and between 70 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Let them dry here for a week to three weeks so they can dry out before using them in your wreath.

Where Do You Buy Wheat?

If you don’t have your own wheat to harvest, don’t worry! You can find wheat for crafting at many craft stores like Micheals and Hobby Lobby. If you don’t see any here, you can also turn to online platforms like Amazon for wheat and other crafting supplies. These are usually pre-dried and allow you to get crafting right away!

How Long Does a Wheat Wreath Last?

While wheat wreaths are gorgeous, they don’t last forever. If you keep them inside and out of the sun – such as hung in a hallway – you might be able to get two to five years out of them. However, they tend to only last a season when hung on the door and left open to sunshine and other weather conditions that come across your front door.

How Do You Stop Straw Wreaths from Shedding?

One common issue people tend to run into with a DIY fall wheat wreath is their wreath shedding too much once it’s finished. No one wants to see all that hard work start to literally fall away as the wheat stalks start to shed. Options like properly preserving your wheat can help but you can help lock wheat into place with netting or tulle covering if you’re worried about shedding.

Did you like our fall wheat wreath tutorial? It’s a great way to add a bit of personality to your front door! If you liked it, let us know in the comments and share this tutorial with a friend!


Want to make a wreath too, but need inspiration?  Look no further than Pinterest.  Simply search for Wreaths, then near the top click on Boards.  Thousands upon thousands of people have entire boards dedicated to wreaths.  It’s an inspiration treasure trove.

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