How to Clean your Kitchen Faucet – What’s Lurking Under There?

Yesterday as I was doing the dishes Aaron pointed out how dirty the faucet was.  So I took a closer look and WOW!!  I immediately thought of the shower head and how well the baggy of vinegar worked.  So first thing this morning I tried it, this time using a small container to hold the vinegar since the faucet pulls out.

how to clean a kitchen faucet

Worked as expected, no more yucky build up!

To think that we drank water from this faucet really grosses me out.  I guess when it is out of sight, it’s out of mind!  I will definitely be cleaning this on a regular basis from here on out.

faucet before and after

Now I’m off to use the baggy technique on the bathroom faucets since they don’t pull out!

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