How to Easily Cover the Edges of a Pie Crust with Tinfoil

Today’s tip comes from my sweet granny who was down visiting us this past weekend along with my parents and little sis.  We went to a play in which Clarence Gilyard, Jr. was the main character (Conrad McMasters on Matlock & “Jimmy” Trivette on Walker, Texas Ranger) and had dinner afterwards.

For dessert, I baked a pie (Marie Callender’s all the way) at which time I consulted Granny on how to easily cover it’s edges.  You see, the directions say to cover them with a strip of aluminum foil. So that is what I did – several 1.5 inch strips.

But, if you’ve ever tried this method, you know it doesn’t work very well.

Here’s what Granny’s advice is:

Tear off a piece of foil slightly larger than the pie.

Fold it into fourths.

Cut an arc from one of the sides with folded edges to the other.

Open it up and place on pie.

Fold the foil over the edges and they are perfectly covered!

Typical pie instructions will say to put the foil on if the edges begin to brown excessively.  I find this hard to do mid baking when the pie is hot.  I think putting the foil on before placing it in the oven and keeping it on for the first 15-20 minutes is a much easier alternative!

We love Marie Callender’s Razzleberry Pie, but today are trying the Lattice Peach.  Do you have a favorite?

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