Tip 38 neck tie storage

Neck Tie Storage
The Mr. is not an organized man so I often take it upon myself to help him out.  His reaction is always encouraging, like when he opened his sock and underwear drawer to neatly folded rows, separated by color.  I distinctly recall his surprised laugh when he pulled it open, which made me chuckle!  He was always asking if he had grabbed a pair of black or brown socks?  So, I made it easy for him by putting a row of white ones in between and  he hasn’t had to inquire since.
Well this time I’ve been working on our closet.  His ties used to be weighing down a plastic hanger with only a few of them visible.  By rolling them up and organizing into a couple of shallow baskets, he can now find just what he is looking for.  In addition, they are wrinkle-free!

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