How to Roll a Neck Tie For Storage?

Having a huge tie collection is a great way to express your style and stay ready for any formal event that may come your way. However, it might also leave you with some questions about storing ties. Keep reading and we’ll take a look at how to roll a neck tie for storage.
How to Roll a Neck Tie For Storage

What is the Best Way to Store Neck Ties?

You have a few options when it comes to storing neck ties, whether you want to keep them in your closet space or on a flat surface like inside a dresser drawer. Keep reading and we’ll go over some of the best options to store your ties safely.

What You’ll Need to Store Your Ties:

  • Any ties you want to store
  • A drawer organizer
    • Depending on your dresser drawer, different options may fit easier than others. Shallow baskets are usually easy to find and great for necktie storage. How many you’ll need will depend on how many ties you have.
  • Dresser drawer for storage

How to Roll and Store Ties:

Neck Tie Storage

Step 1: Rid Your Tie of Wrinkles

Before putting your ties away, you want to ensure the fabric is free of wrinkles. There are a few ways to do this. The most popular choices are to use a steamer or even an iron.

This isn’t just for extra style points either. Getting rid of wrinkles before putting your ties away helps ensure they’re properly stored and ready to wear when you take them back out later.

Step 2: Fold It In Half

Once you’ve freed your tie of wrinkles, you’re ready to get started. You won’t want to start rolling ties before you fold them.

To start, lay your tie face-down on a flat surface to make the process easier. Then, fold the tie in half. It’s important to not crease the tie when you fold it – just loosely fold it in half.

Step 3: Start to Roll the Tie

After that, you can start rolling the tie. Once again, you want the ties rolled loosely to avoid creasing or compressing the fabric too much.

When you’re preparing rolled ties, it’s best to start rolling them at the end with the fold. This will give you a cleaner roll and a neater finish when you pack ties away.

Step 4: Add Your Ties to the Bins

Once you have all of your ties rolled loosely, you’re ready to start organizing them in the shallow bins or another storage unit of your choice.

You can simply place the ties down on the bottom of the storage unit. It’s best not to stack them on top of one another, though. This will make it harder to see your ties at a glance.

Step 5: Put the Bins Away

After you’ve organized your ties properly, you can put the storage unit in the dresser. This will help you save space and see all your ties at a glance!

How to Use a Tie Rack for Storage

Step 1: Get a Tie Rack

Hanging tie racks offer an excellent solution to store your ties. With so many models available for necktie storage, you can find something for storage in your dresser or your closet.

A benefit to these is that they won’t wrinkle your ties either.

Step 2: Add the Ties

All you have to do to add your ties to a tie rack is to drape them over the pegs. When you hang ties, you don’t have to take the extra steps to roll or fold ties before putting them away. It’s easy to see them at a glance when you’re getting ready if you store ties this way too!

How to Hang Ties for Storage

Step 1: Grab a Hanger and Some Shower Hooks

You could just hang ties on a hanger by looping them over the flat rung of the hanger. Yet, there is a way that you can create more of a tie organizer out of a regular coat hanger.

To start, grab a few shower hooks and hook them onto the bottom of the hanger.

Step 2: Add Your Ties

Now, when you add your ties, loop them in half over the shower curtain hooks, not the hanger itself. You’ll find that you can fit many more ties neatly this way.

How to Store Ties for Travel

Step 1: Use a Single-Tie Box

If you have to take ties on the go, the best choice is to invest in a single-tie box. These come in a few different forms, often either allowing you to loosely roll your ties or lay them flat.

Step 2: Add Your Tie

How you add your tie will depend on the single-tie box style you go with. You’ll likely either roll them or loosely fold the tie.

How Do You Pack a Tie for Moving?

If you’re packing ties for moving, you may not want to invest in single-tie boxes for every tie you own. Since you aren’t looking for a permanent storage unit, there are a few stand-ins that are great for moving.

A popular choice is to start by loosely rolling your ties. Then, you can pack your rolled ties into a suitcase, a box where they won’t get damaged, or even slip the rolled ties into a plastic bag like a Ziploc bag for the ride to the new place.

How Do You Hang Ties in a Wardrobe?

When you want to hang ties in a wardrobe, there are a few ways that you can safely store them.

In fact, we’ve already looked at two! Either use the coathanger method to store your ties or look for a tie rack that’s meant to go in a closet or wardrobe. These methods are great ways to keep your ties stored away in a wardrobe without them getting wrinkled in the process.

How Do You Keep Your Ties Organized?

Once you have your ties folded or rolled, how do you put them away to make sure they’re easy to find later? After all, no one wants to spend a busy morning hunting down the perfect tie.

Rolling them in shallow baskets or hanging the ties side-by-side on a hanger or tie rack are great ways to keep your ties easy to view and grab when you’re deciding on an outfit in the morning. This helps him find his ties easily, so he can effortlessly choose the perfect one to match his outfit and even find time to select a matching leather wallet.


How Do You Store Pre-Tied Bow Ties?

Ties that you can fold and roll are easy to store. Is the same true for pre-tied bow ties?

The shallow bins we talked about earlier can come in handy in allowing you to lay these bow ties next to one another. You can also hang them or, if you’re a big fan of them, invest in a bow tie rack or display case.

Did you like our guide? If you have a collection of ties, it’s crucial to store them properly. If you liked our tutorial, let us know in the comments and show these tips to a friend!

Side Notes

The Mr. is not an organized man so I often take it upon myself to help him out.  His reaction is always encouraging, like when he opened his sock and underwear drawer to neatly folded rows, separated by color.  I distinctly recall his surprised laugh when he pulled it open, which made me chuckle!  He was always asking if he had grabbed a pair of black or brown socks?  So, I made it easy for him by putting a row of white ones in between and  he hasn’t had to inquire since.
Well this time I’ve been working on our closet.  His ties used to be weighing down a plastic hanger with only a few of them visible.  By rolling them up and organizing into a couple of shallow baskets, he can now find just what he is looking for.  In addition, they are wrinkle-free!

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