Fillable & Printable January Cleaning Calendar

Take a little looksy at my cleaning calendar for January:

Fillable and Printable Cleaning Calendar

I know the month technically began 3 days ago, but I have been in vacation mode as Mr. Christensen’s holiday break doesn’t end until tomorrow. Back to the grind on Monday, with a cleaning schedule in hand!

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to set up a housekeeping routine if you don’t already have one in place. And when setting up a system, it’s important that it’s customized to fit your lifestyle and your standard of cleanliness. With that in mind, I created a fillable version of my cleaning calendar, so you can decide when and what to clean!

I’ve got 2 options for you. First, if my daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks work for you, just plug them into the calendar. DOWNLOAD HERE

Fillable and Printable Cleaning Calendar

If not, start completely fresh with your own tasks!  DOWNLOAD HERE

Fillable and Printable Cleaning CalendarTo use the calendars, click on the download links above. The PDF will open in a new window. Click on the form to begin typing and fill it in. Save it if you wish, and print it off!

Setting Up Your Calendar

After I decided on the tasks I wanted to accomplish, I took the weekly chores and assigned them to a specific day. Monday is laundry day. I assigned easier things for Tuesday, because I know I don’t have a lot of extra time to clean those days. Wednesday, I clean bathrooms, and so on and so forth.

Weekly Cleaning Schedule + fillable cleaning calendar

Then I took both the monthly and yearly tasks and scattered them throughout the month. I’m going to focus on 0-1 yearly tasks each month, but here is my complete list of yearly tasks:

  • clean carpets
  • dust fridge and heater vents
  • wash walls
  • rinse screens, wash window sills, take off and scrub blinds, wash curtains
  • wash light fixtures
  • deep clean dishwasher
  • polish wood furniture/cabinets

I didn’t include daily tasks on my calendar, because they get done often enough I din’t feel it necessary to write them in.

The best way to begin keeping house is by setting up a routine and schedule. I hope this fillable and printable cleaning calendar will help! Check back at the end of the month for February’s!

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