How to Clean Window Tracks (Using Power Toothbrush)

An old power toothbrush has recently made it’s way onto my list of highly recommended cleaning tools! Toothbrushes are the perfect cleaning companion for tight areas that are otherwise unreachable! And a power toothbrush just makes it that much easier, doing most of the work for you!  Let me illustrate.

Take this filthy, fly laden window track that hasn’t been cleaned in months. A swipe of a wet soapy rag just isn’t going to cut it. Although, it will help! But first it’s probably a good idea to remove those dead flys.

Once that’s taken care of, dip the power toothbrush into a bucket of hot soapy water and set it spinning in those tight window track crevices.

Use electric toothbrush for-cleaning window tracks

It will kick up all that dirt and grime in no time! Rinse toothbrush in soapy water as needed.

Then take a paper towel and fold it in half. Stick the edge down in the crevices to pick up the leftover dirty soapy water.

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Wipe dry and you have an immaculate window track that looks brand new! So glad I didn’t throw this new found cleaning tool out after not liking it for my teeth! It’s going to get plenty of use after all. Hope the husband isn’t offended…he put it in my stocking for Christmas!

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