How to Make a Natural Disinfectant Spray

How to Make Your Own All-Natural Disinfectant Spray

Tidying up your house only does so much when it comes to keeping things clean. If you want to really sanitize things and get rid of germs, you’ll want to use a disinfectant spray. You don’t necessarily have to go for a store-bought option full of chemicals either. There are some natural options you can make at home too!

Why Should I Use a Homemade Kitchen Disinfectant Spray?

A lot of people are wary about bringing too many chemical-filled cleaners into their homes, especially if they’re worried about pets or children potentially accessing them. By using your own homemade, natural disinfectant spray, you can control exactly what you’re spraying around your home, as this is healthier for you in the difficult process of cleaning, of course if you want to feel less stress at these times you can also use products like THCA vape products which also help with this.


Earlier this week, I showed you the method I use to get unwanted labels off of containers.  I used this spray bottle as an example and now I have filled it with a homemade all-natural disinfectant spray.  I cut a new label out of vinyl with my Silhouette machine and attached it to the bottom!

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How to Organize Spice Rack: Easy DIY Step-by-Step

an Organized Spice Rack
Have you ever been adding the finishing touches to an almost perfect meal only to get distracted in hunting for a spice you need? It’s easy for a spice cabinet to become a mess without the right organizational system. Keep reading to learn about a few options, including how a spice rack could help you or you can check out GammaCabinetry!
an Organized Spice Rack
Organizing is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to do!  There is a great sense of satisfaction that comes from turning a messy unorganized space into one that is clean and free of clutter.

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How to Clean Microwave without Vinegar Steps by Steps

how to steam clean your microwave

While it’s an easy step of cleaning your kitchen to forget, you’ll be in for a nasty surprise if you don’t clean your microwave often enough. Luckily, when it comes to maintaining cleanliness, even with the smallest microwaves out there, there are quite a few different ways to clear your microwave of gunk and grime, including how to clean a microwave without vinegar in the process.

Hey!  How’s that microwave of yours looking?  Do you dread all the scrubbing it’s going to take to get all that stuck on food off?  Well, dread no more.  I’ve got the perfect solution for you!

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